The Cloud can mean a lot of things…here is what it means for our Platform.

Internet of Things

Each Element tracking device sends up telemetry data and our Cloud Platform can handle millions of events per second.  It is designed with an Internet of Things architecture, which means that it is able to receive enormous bursts of information coming in, in a very short window of time.

The benefit?  Tracking data will never be lost because of a “server down” scenario, and you can scale as large as you need without an issue.

Active Geo-Replication

Our databases use Active Geo-Replication…which means that our primary databases are kept in sync with secondary databases at a separate location that is at least 500 miles away…at all times.  This is like making a backup of the database every minute of every day…and bringing that backup online at a remote site 500 miles away every minute of every day.

The benefit?  Cloud data is much more reliable/persistent than typical “on site” or single data center hosting.

Analytics In Real Time

Since all data gets processed as an “event” when it hits our system, all the analytics happen at that moment…in incremental steps.  There are no long, nightly batch processes that have to run nor long delays between when an activity happens and when you get notified.   Processing and analytics of events happen in real time as they happen.

The benefit?  This provides faster notification of monitored activities, which, in turn, creates faster response times for things such as a geo-fence breach.

Robust Throughput

Secure Data

Redundant Capacity