Introducing The Element.  Imagine being able to track anything, anywhere, every single minute of the day.


Now you can.

The Element is an “out of the box”, rugged device that is designed with simplicity in mind.  Take it out of the box, give it power, and it begins tracking.  But don’t let the simplicity of the design fool you.  Inside this unassuming, little,  rugged box is a state-of-the-art chipset that can connect to two cellular providers in the USA, connect to up to 22 different GPS satellites simultaneously, run without external power for days or weeks (depending on refresh rates), and is weather-proof.

The Element features a standard USB power connector, so it can be powered from any standard USB cable, just like charging a cell phone by plugging it into the 12 V adapter inside an automobile.

It is designed to be autonomous, which means, plug and play at the Element itself.  Once it is powered it will immediately check-in with our Cloud Platform and is ready for use.

We believe this simple, yet robust design makes the Element an ideal product for shipping, postal, and other asset tracking use cases.

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